Assessment and Training
Assessment and Training
It is our goal that HealthLink Interpreters looks and feels like an extension of the core values of your hospital or clinic.

Interpreter Assessment and Training

Quality Interpreting Requires Quality People

Before an interpreter starts working for HealthLink Interpreters, they must pass a rigorous screening including a review of their certifications and training. We also require that they pass a criminal background check, sign our confidentiality agreement and adhere to our Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Interpreter Assessment

AssessmentTo be a HealthLink Interpreter, a candidate must be tested or trained by a public or private credentialing organization such as “Bridging the Gap” or the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters. If a candidate does not hold approved credentialing, they must:

  • Demonstrate command of both English and the target language
  • Prove at least two years (300 hours) of medical interpreting experience, which is verified through professional services invoices or payroll check stubs
  • Provide professional references from at least three independent sources

Interpreter Testing

HealthLink Interpreters' testing of new interpreters is comprehensive. Our tests have been designed to evaluate an individual's skills in language, medical terminology, interpretation, and knowledge of the Code of Conduct and Ethics for professional interpreters. We ensure that our interpreters are well trained, so that your expectations of medical interpretation expertise are satisfied.

Interpreter Training

TrainingHealthLink Interpreters provides comprehensive interpreter training to all of its interpreters. Our dynamic training program is continually growing to meet the demands of the interpretation profession. As members of the National Council on Interpreting for Healthcare, we ensure that our training will meet the national standards currently under development.

Our goal is to prepare our interpreters to be the most capable interpreters available. We believe our training and preparation help make this goal possible.

Fitting In

HealthLink Interpreters provides special training to interpreters who exhibit the special caring qualities required in health care.

Standing Out

HealthLink Interpreters carefully screens its telephone interpreters beyond the requirements of most other interpretation companies.