On-Site Interpreting
One time or recurring services, we can help.

On-site Interpretation

Originally, language interpretation meant having a person in the room with you who spoke the languages of the medical staff and the patient. In some cases this is still the preferred method of interpretation.

On-site interpretation services in more than 240 languages and dialects.

We recruit top-tier interpreters who not only exhibit grace under pressure, but also are specially trained in health care terminology and procedures. Our interpreters understand the delicate nature of health care and treat your patients with care and compassion.

Cost effective and flexible

On-site InterpretingOnce you're a HealthLink Interpreters customer, you'll receive your own dedicated account code that allows access to our portal to get real time information on your on-site requests. Access to our Client Portal allows you to to schedule appointments, check on status, and view billing details at your convenience.

HealthLink Interpreters also understands that health care is a business. That's why we offer our professional on-site interpretation services at a low per-hour cost. We like to keep it simple so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients.

If you have recurring needs for an on-site interpreter, we can walk you through a customized contract for ongoing services. If you just need services one time, we can provide a simple, one-page application and quote.

Available For You

With our state-of-the-art Web portal, you can make immediate requests for interpreters and see when your requests are filled. Just like most hospitals, we're available 24/7, every day of the year.


We don't have any set-up costs, monthly fees, minimum use charges or contractual obligations.