Over-The-Phone Interpreting
Our goal is to communicate the same care and compassion you give to your patients.

Over the Phone Interpretation

Health care is fine blend of science and art. While it combines chemistry and physics with anatomy, it also requires the finesse of accurate communication with patients and their families. HealthLink Interpreters understands this.

Our interpreters are specially trained in medical terminology.

Ongoing TrainingOur on-going training program helps keep them current with most common medical procedures and knowledgeable about the process of health care claims. More importantly, their goal is make sure they communicate the same care and compassion you give to your patients.

One of the greatest benefits of telephonic interpretation is the connection speed to one of our interpreters representing more than 240 languages and dialects. For many languages, your connection time can be measured in seconds no matter what time of the day or night. With HealthLink Interpreters only a phone call away you won't need to worry about communicating with someone in a foreign language when seconds matter most.

HealthLink Interpreters understands that health care is a business.

That's why we offer our professional telephone interpretation services at a low per-minute cost. Also, we don't have any monthly fees or minimum use charges. We like to keep it simple so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients.

Fitting In

HealthLink Interpreters provides special training to interpreters who exhibit the special caring qualities required in health care. It is our goal that HealthLink Interpreters looks and feels like an extension of the core values of your hospital or clinic.

Standing Out

HealthLink Interpreters carefully screens its telephone interpreters beyond the requirements of most other interpretation companies. We want to make sure our interpreters can withstand the pressures of the emergency room and have the stamina required for labor and delivery.