Video Medical Interpreting
When the non-English speaking person and the interpreter can see each other, the possibility of miscommunication is reduced.

Video Medical Interpreting

It's been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” By adding motion to those pictures much can be said before an interpreted word is even spoken.

HealthLink Interpreters offers video medical interpreting (VMI) as another solution to offset the costs of on-site interpretation. Sometimes referred to as video remote interpreting, this service combines visual communication with the spoken communication commonly associated with language interpretation

We offer VMI services 24x7x365 for our most requested languages.

Languages of lesser demand are available by pre-scheduling.  Our list of immediately available languages is constantly growing. Call 855-823-8400 or for more information.

The Advantages of Video Medical Interpreting

Video medical interpreting can help stretch your interpretation dollar. On-site interpretation typically requires a minimum two-hour payment and may include charges for mileage and travel time. HealthLink Interpreters video interpreting service only charges you for the minutes you use the service, conserving your interpretation budget.


When the non-English speaking person and the interpreter can see each other via a secure videoconference link, the possibility of miscommunication is reduced compared to over-the-phone interpretation. Many times, if a person does not understand a message they will give subconscious facial clues indicating that they are not fully comprehending what was said. The live video allows the medical personnel, the non-English speaking patient and the interpreter to pick up on these non-verbal cues and repeat the communication as needed.

How Video Medical Interpreting Works

The basic process of video medical interpreting uses a camera and microphone to capture sights and sounds, which are transmitted over a secure, HIPAA-compliant network to a video monitor and speaker. To start the process a person simply enters an account code and selects the language they need to have interpreted. Within moments your HealthLink Interpreter is on the screen ready to begin your interpretation session.

Video interpretation allows each party to
see the non-verbal communication clues adding to the clarity of:
  • Understanding the patient's condition
  • Gathering patient history
  • Explaining clinical procedures
  • Providing patient education
  • Explaining the post-discharge care plan